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    James Caron

    Financial Consultant at Lucas Financial Consulting Ltd. Specialties: Pensions,Shareholder/Partnership Protection,Investments, Life Asssurance, Providing training and coaching services for Credit Unions, Financial Organisations and Representative Bodies.
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    The ultimate guide to the GMS Scheme

    Posted by James Caron on 08 November 2019
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    Topics: pensions, GMS, tax news

    General Medical Services Superannuation Plan – A Brief Guide

    Posted by James Caron on 26 September 2019


    It is advised to read this article in conjunction with and file:///Users/seamushanratty/Downloads/chapter-26%202019.pdf

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    Topics: tax-guide, pensions, NEWS, GMS

    Converting Company Profits to Personal Ownership via a Directors Pension Plan

    Posted by James Caron on 14 August 2019


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    Company profits to personal ownership via special contributions

    Posted by James Caron on 13 June 2019
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