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Introducing Ezylia

Posted on: 20 June 2023

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Imagine if you had access to a personal, intelligent assistant that was trained on millions of pages of tax data - capable of instantly answering tax queries, summarising complex tax topics, writing client correspondence, and significantly reducing your research time, all the while elevating your team's efficiency. Today, that vision becomes a reality. Meet Ezylia, your new intelligent tax assistant!

I'm excited to introduce this latest innovation borne from my 45 years of experience in the tax industry. Having served within Revenue, private practice, and Taxworld, I have seen firsthand how many accounting, tax, and legal firms grapple with the intricacies of the tax code. Juggling client demands and Revenue expectations, many lack the resources to navigate the ever-growing labyrinth of tax regulations effectively.

Driven by the desire to empower tax professionals like you, I embarked on a journey to simplify tax comprehension and application. The journey began in 1997 with the Tax Book, a plain English "translation" of the tax code, and Tax Magic, a guide to tax savings, in 2001. As the years passed, the portfolio expanded to include Tax Checklists, Tax A-Z, Tax Advice Letters, VAT Advice Emails, and the taxworld members area where I've answered over 10,000 questions since 2012.

Today, I'm delighted to share that we've built upon this solid foundation and elevated our offering to a whole new level with Ezylia.

Ezylia is not just a tool - it's your companion in navigating the complex world of taxes. It's an embodiment of five years of rigorous work, thousands of dedicated hours, and 45 years of accumulated tax expertise. And the best part? This wealth of knowledge can be yours at your fingertips, helping you avoid costly errors and saving you invaluable time.

This cutting-edge tool has been designed with you in mind, with the aim to help you serve your clients more effectively and efficiently. Now, we invite you to leverage this innovative technology and elevate your practice to new heights.

Right now we are testing Ezylia, and the sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that she is already answering many questions in the members area! Don't worry - I check her answers! Coming soon! Join the waiting list by clicking on the bot in the bottom right hand side. 

Written by Alan Moore

Founder and CEO of Tax World Ltd

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