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Predeceased adult child leaving property to parents - what is the CAT situation?

Posted on: 12 September 2022


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From the taxworld members area:

Daughter (single) dies leaving € 500,000 to parents. What is the CAT position?

The Group A threshold (€335,000) applies where the inheritance is taken by a parent of the disponer on the death of the disponer, and the interest taken is not a limited interest: CATCA 2003 Sch 2 (group threshold)(a)(ii). The balance of €165,000 is taxed at 33%.

Also CATCA 2003 s 79 exempts inheritances (not gifts) [even if above the parent-child threshold] taken by a parent from a deceased child if that child received a non-exempt gift from either parent within five years prior to the child’s death.



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