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    How can you reduce your tax bill by 90%?

    Posted by Alan Moore on 07 January 2019


    If you could reduce your tax bill by 90% you would, wouldn't you? In the world of tax there is a taxable reduction known as agricultural relief and it can reduce your tax bill by a gigantic amount!

    To many people being told that they are entitled to this relief is life transformative. The worst case scenario is that they inherit or are gifted a farm and they aren't entitled to the relief. Such a situation can leave people with an unmanageable liability.

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    Father's name on house - beneficial owner?

    Posted by Alan Moore on 06 July 2018

    Daughter took out a mortgage 15 years ago and the lender required that the father's name be put on the deed and on the mortgage. The daughter paid all the mortgage repayments and now wishes to regularise the situation by transferring title into her sole name (with lender's agreement). Is father subject to CGT? is she subject to CAT? Stamp duty?

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    CAT agricultural relief checklist

    Posted by Alan Moore on 04 October 2017


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