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How do I get the money out of my company?

Posted on: 17 August 2022


profit extraction problemSo here’s the problem. The "profit extraction" problem.

Individual has a successful company with €650k cash (accumulated trading profits) on the balance sheet, and this will grow to €1m after another year. He has maxed out his pension and his wife’s pension. He is 56, wife is 50.

He personally owns a warehouse worth €600k (bought for €100k).

Like many clients these days, he has “done his own research” which he is double-checking with you. He “may consider” ceasing the business but might like to start something similar in a new company.

It's the "profit extraction" problem.

Possible options:



  • Salary/dividends, company car etc - 50%+ tax
  • Loan from company - company must withhold 20% income tax - write off is taxed




  • Income-splitting (bona fide family employees) 
  • Foreign earnings deduction (max €35k)
  • Sell property to the company - 33% and get director loan for the value of the property
  • Company buys back your shares - may qualify for retirement relief (no tax), entrepreneur relief - 10%, or 33% CGT
  • Entrepreneur relief - 10% CGT - up to €1m of gains - ensure spouse/civil partner is co-shareholder for 3 years to double the relief - if same business restarts in a new company - caught for income tax (s 817)




  • Tax-free benefits: tax-free voucher (€500 p.a.), company pension contributions, bona fide travel and subsistence, mobile phone, laptop, bike to work, home broadband, relocation expenses, pool cars, surrender of company R&D credit
  • Sell property (or asset) to the company (assuming you have loss to cover the gain, or property was bought 7/12/2011-31/12/2014) and get director loan for the value of the property
  • Retirement relief - up to €750k per person aged 55 or over - ensure spouse/civil partner is co-shareholder for 10 years to double the relief


Written by Alan Moore

Founder and CEO of Tax World Ltd

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