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    10 Things you need to know about Pensions (so that you don't retire without any Savings)

    Posted by John Lowe on 10 July 2019


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    How can you reduce your tax bill by 90%?

    Posted by Alan Moore on 07 January 2019


    If you could reduce your tax bill by 90% you would, wouldn't you? In the world of tax there is a taxable reduction known as agricultural relief and it can reduce your tax bill by a gigantic amount!

    To many people being told that they are entitled to this relief is life transformative. The worst case scenario is that they inherit or are gifted a farm and they aren't entitled to the relief. Such a situation can leave people with an unmanageable liability.

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    Seven ways to save income tax

    Posted by Alan Moore on 21 November 2017

    This guide explains how you can save thousands of euro by:

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